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Seniors and Chiropractic Care
September 21st, 2016 10:04 am

We all feel those increasing aches and pains associated with getting older. We should not, however, let them limit our activities. As the saying goes, life is too short. There are many ways to combat this. Eating right, staying active and living a generally healthy lifestyle are just a few. As challenging as it may be to stay active as we age, it is so important to embrace aging as a gift and reciprocate by making the most of it.

Everyone knows that eating well elongates our lives and keeps us healthy. While that is true, it is also true that it takes a combination of factors to maximize our health and well being. Diet and exercise are a couple of ways one can take control of their own health. There are other ways to increase your quality of life. Along with a healthy diet, an active lifestyle as well as regular visits to the chiropractor can help you stay your best self at any age.

Chiropractic care has repeatedly been shown to increase not only the range of motion in the spine, but also in the extremities. Increasing one’s range of motion can positively affect one’s life in many ways. For some, it’s the ability to pick up their grandchildren with more ease. For others, it’s the ability to walk a little farther, garden a little longer or sleeping more soundly.

Injuries due to falling are extremely common in the senior population. Falling can, of course, lead to serious injury. Once an injury occurs, a chiropractor can help. What few realize, however, is that regular visits to the chiropractor can greatly reduce the risk of falls by administering regular chiropractic adjustments.

Whatever the goal is, be it to run a 5K or simply to have the ability to give the best piggy back ride, we are very much in control of our own health and bodies. It is important to utilize every tool one has at their disposal to live as their best selves and take advantage of everything this short life has to offer.