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Sunday - March 31, 2019 11:02 am
Getting Ready For Spring

As spring has made its official entrance, it's time to head outdoors again. After being sequestered inside during the winter months, people are eager to get out and enjoy the nice weather.  Be it yard work, gardening, spring cleaning, or sports - our bodies get right to it. Unfortunately, our bodies are not always as ready as we are. All of these activities are a bit of a shock to our bodies as we are using muscles in a way we are not used to doing. Preventative and proactive Chiropractic care will help prepare and maintain your body for any activity you may enjoy.

Whatever the day’s agenda, remember to stretch your muscles. Your body will be less likely to retaliate against you if you have given it fair warning of activities to come. Warm muscles are happy muscles. If you are working in your yard, remember that spring is a season, not a day. Spread your goals out over the course of a couple weeks to give your body steady activity, not a race-to-the-finish sprint. You may think it’s silly to stretch before heading out to the yard, but a little stretching goes a long way, and - as you get older - you’ll find it to be a more and more useful tool in preventative care, along with regular visits to your chiropractor, of course!

Spring cleaning can be very therapeutic. Taking a long look at that basement or garage and imagining yourself emptying it clean. As noble a goal as it is, it is not a realistic task for one person. Making your body bite off more that it can chew is a great way to do major, sometimes irreparable damage to your back, as well as innumerable other sites of the body. Going it alone can also lead to clumsy accidents.  Whether it’s a heavy item or an awkward item, ask for help to lighten the load. A second set of eyes could be the difference between injury and a job well done.

There is no question that Spring brings warmth and a motivation to get outside. It also renews the desire to get out and be active. It’s so important to remember to stretch prior to any sporting activity. Muscles that are warmed up before being put under stress are more likely to handle that stress. Stretching before sports or exercise may help decrease injury to your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Stretching can help keep the body limber by releasing muscle tension and tightness. A tight muscle is not able to optimally function as it should. Warm muscles are happy muscles!

One of the biggest joys for people when the weather gets warmer is the ability to run outside. Along with all the euphoria runners feel, it is a very jarring activity for one’s body. There are a few ways you can stand a better chance against the body pain that can be associated with running. Buy two of the same type of running shoes and switch between the pairs. Vary your running surfaces. Run on pavement, track, asphalt, grass, dirt, wood chips, etc. Do this a few times a week and you will naturally run on varied courses. If you live or run near the water, run as close to it as possible, as the sand tends to be more flat there.

With the combined effect of taking personal steps to prepare your body for activity, coupled with regular preventative and proactive chiropractic care, you’ll be sure to keep your body in motion while maintaining the integrity of your spine, bones and joints.

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